[please turn on subtitles] [Contains NSFW content of a sexual nature]


Told partially through collage and partially through new material, Accessible Digital Eternity is a simultaneous psychogeography of my physical and digital existences over the last 3 years. Working through tensions between Derrida and Fisher’s understandings of hauntology, between the deeply personal and the abstractly anonymous, between history and the present, Accessible Digital Eternity explores how the self is constructed through an accumulation of history, society, memory, and place. Accessible Digital Eternity is the first film in a three[?] part series called CRT Seance. The next episode, An Aphorism/An Anachronism, is currently in production.


JD Howse is from London and lives in London. He has a BA and MA from Royal Holloway, University of London, and works as a producer for a publishing company. His creative practice explores hauntology, memory, and epistemology through the lens of ecology, queer-theory, and neurodivergence. He curates PermeableBarrier.com and, with Sarah Dawson, he co-run the LGBT+ experimental poetry night Theatre of Failure.

JD can be found online at jdhowse.com or on instagram @jdhowse