This work is an amalgamation of different projects - a set of songs for Aatifi's band Unda Fluxit, video exploring the suburban architecture of Boise, and poems in response to postcards from the Department of Defense archives. Aatifi is interested in how the postcards portray Afghanistan’s culture. The description on the back of each postcard adds to the oddity of their presentation. For a land which is occupied, they are written with innocent language and often read as alluring, illusive and enchanting with scenic compositions. The video explores the juxtaposition between the imagery of the postcards to ordinary objects in our surroundings. Aatifi lives in a very suburban neighborhood interlaid with 70’s ranch-style architecture, and the video shows a new house being built over 2-3 months. This new style of suburban archetype will be dated in a similar way as her 70's house.


Huma Aatifi is an artist living in Boise, ID. She is from Afghanistan and immigrated to the US at a young age in 2001. She continues to paint, write, and record in her residence in Boise. Her music project Unda Fluxit released the debut cassette on Spacecase Records in 2019.


Huma can be found on instagram @huma_aatifi, and bandcamp undafluxit.bandcamp.com


Chasing the Wind' was recorded by Unda Fluxit on an iPhone on Dec 13, 2019.

Intermittent shots taken of postcards :- Aribuabo, Joselito. Kandahar. Department of Defense. 2011. TFE02-068. Postcard. Carter, Michael and Pete Thibodeau. A day in Afghanistan. Department of Defense. 2012. TFE02-065. Postcard.