Cut Out Bambi: The Soundtrack

The handmade bookwork Cut-out Bambi uses techniques of reversal to explore how it might be possible to decentre, disrupt and destabilise the human gaze and its reflection through the material form of the pamphlet. In this piece I wanted to make explicit the collision between ‘cute’ images of deer in mass media – from the 1942 Disney animated feature and from contemporary online culture – and the erasure of deer by humans.The Soundtrack was conceived as a response to the difficulties of sharing material works and replicating the experience of interacting with a bookwork during the COVID-19 lockdown, when readings and events are conducted online. It aims to produce a kind of ‘sonic materiality’ by introducing a texture of layered sound into a poem reading. The four tracks represent three different readings of the Cut-out Bambi text – the whole of the four-scene poem; the Bambi: Marginalised poems; and the text as seen through the erased deer – along with a recording of the scalpel sounds when cutting out deer from one of the poem’s YouTube stills.

Cut-out Bambi: The Soundtrack was written and performed by Caroline Harris, with sound editing by Ethan Wilson

Caroline Harris is a writer, editor and publisher, and a poetic practice PhD researcher at Royal Holloway, University of London. Pamphlets include SCRUB Management Handbook No.1 Mere (Singing Apple Press), Cut-out Bambi and experimental letterpress poem Type Flight (both Small Birds Press) and work is held in the collections of the Bodleian Library and National Poetry Library. Poetry is published or forthcoming in Fake (Corrupted Poetry), Rewilding: An ecopoetic anthology (Crested Tit Collective), PERVERSE and Finished Creatures, among others. 

Caroline can be found online at:


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