An Archive of These Dreamings is a collaborative project of found text taken from the dreamings of dis/content - an international, multidisciplinary art collective that aims to foster critical art-making informed by a spirit of collaboration and play, pleasure, sincerity, risk-taking and inclusivity in all senses, including means of access, culture/ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality. Recording dreams as a method of reorganising conjectural images, desires, and wishes, this installation aims to investigate what it might look like to speak communally in relation to hours of darkness and uncertainty. Made in collaboration with artwork by Marylyn Tan and read by Joy Chee, Reginald Kent, Sarah Supaat, Drew Davies, Marylyn Tan, Joanna Chak, and Cat Chong.

Joanna Chak is a whimsical collaborative soul in search of meaningful fun. Ex-peripertatic. Loves. BAFA Parsons/The New School.
Joy Chee, who, after three years working in Tokyo, escaped back to Singapore to pursue her dream of extreme gardening and bread-baking. When she’s not preparing for the apocalypse, she’s either slinging drinks, scaring herself with the concept of the afterlife, or both at once.
Cat Chong, is a poet, PhD candidate, co-founder of the CTC collective, and proud queer crip working at the intersections of disability, gender nonconformity, and lyric intervention. Their debut pamphlet Plain Air: An Apology in Transit was recently published with Broken Sleep Books in July 2021.
Drew Davis, the desert rat of the Arizona valley, received his BFA from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. His work oscillates between Object-Oriented to passionate disinterest in bodies and environments.
Reginald James Kent, who is doing a M.A in English at Nanyang Technological University, is working on a collection of short stories. His work focuses on queer forms and the gay experience. He will soon be a creative writing M.F.A candidate at the University of Washington.
Sarah Supaat is a some-time dabbler and full-time paper-pusher. In her previous life, she studied linguistics, and stage-managed on the side.
Marylyn Tan is a queer, delicious, slutty, large-beasted, linguistics graduate, poet, and artist, who has been performing and disappointing since 2014.  Her first volume of poetry, GAZE BACK (Singapore Literature Prize 2020, Lambda loser), is the lesbo Singaporean trans-genre witch grimoire you never knew you needed.

dis/content can be found on instagram @hellodiscontent or online at