'Speak / Scroll / Spread' is a trio of visual pieces collating concerns with the spread of Coronavirus and misinformation. The pieces attempt to draw parallels between the infection nature of post-truth doctrine and the current world health crisis, ultimately drawing attention to our inaction towards the unseen pandemic, post-truth.

Pottery, like poetry, requires planning, execution and finesse. Plenty of opportunity to go wrong. 'Vase' draws on the visual and on Platonic philosophy to offer a meta-poetic self-criticism, while compelling a confluence of plan and execution. It almost serves as an ironic defeatist mantra - think I Will Create No More Boring Art but it's boring.

Dylan Rowe is an English Literature and Drama graduate currently residing in Norwich. He studied at Royal Holloway University of London and plans on returning for an MA in Poetic Practice in October 2021. He enjoys and believes in the potency of collaborative, interdisciplinary art which exercises a state of accessibility without sacrificing depth and aesthetic integrity.


Dylan can be found on Instagram at @written_by_dylan or on Twitter at @DylanLukeRowe.


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