Five Textures

by Nathan Austin


The works are made of material found in Google Books search results, the consequences of catastrophic failures that result when Google's OCR misrecognizes diagrams, engravings, the texture of the page, or even the leather binding as text, and transcribes it. With the exception of the second page, which places two found texts side-by-side, these are all copied and pasted, then presented as-is.

Nathan Austin is the author of (glost), Tie an O, and Survey Says!, as well as the recent broadside Surround Sound (for Éliane Radigue). His work has recently appeared in Speculative Nonfiction, The Believer, Talisman, ToCall, and Translation: a Halophyte Collective exhibition. He lives in Los Angeles. 

Nathan can be found on Instagram @ocrtifacts and on Twitter @nathan-austin