What genre are you writing in? What themes do you want at the core of your story? What important traits will your main character have? What will motivate your antagonist? What tone (comedy, tragedy, etc.) will your story have? Why should the reader be interested in your plot? What is my argument? Who is my audience? What research will I need to do? What genre am I writing in?

Check for coherency. Do all parts of your piece make sense together? If so, continue. If not, consider revising or cutting whatever doesn't fit in.

Check for necessity. Do all parts of the story contribute? Does each section give necessary background, advance your plot or argument, develop an important character or point, or introduce critical analyses? If not, cut it.

Check for anything missing. Are all your characters or points properly introduced? Is all your supporting data or information present? Do your points flow smoothly together, or are there some logical gaps?

Who says "suck the milk of nations” anymore? Which is easier to follow?

How to Write (with Pictures) was entirely derived from the Wikihow article of the same name.  


Richard Capener currently lives and works in Bristol. His writing has been featured in Sublinary Editions' Subscriptions, Streetcake, Overground Underground, Beir Bua, Spontaneous Poetics, Selcouth Station and the Crested Tit Collective's Rewilding: An Ecopoetic Anthology, among others. His debut pamphlet is forthcoming from Broken Sleep Books. He also edits The Babel Tower Notice Board. 


Richard can be found on twitter at @richardcapener3 - his journal The Babel Tower Notice Board can be found on Twitter at @babelboard