Hyphae is an evolving project engaged with the complications of writing from a lyric communal voice. The objective is to create a long form study of pronouns which aims to approach a resolution for the “proposed universal”.


Chloë Proctor is a London-Irish mulchy poet. She considers her practice to exist in the chthonic realm of involuting soil poetics [read Donna Haraway]. She is interested in interjections, clashing discourses, soil, fungus and semantic mess-making. Her work has appeared in contemporary anthologies such as Rewilding: An Ecopoetic Anthology and Azimuth: The Ecology of an Ear. She has also been published by Corbel Stone Press and The Centre for Alterity Study. Her book-art, Saprotrophic, can be found at the National Poetry Library. She is an MA graduate of Poetic Practice and a former member of the Crested Tit Collective.


Chloë can be found on Instagram and Twitter @chloproc, or on her website at chloeproctor.me