'I Put the Miss in Misanthropic' is a prayer for transcendence. It's the final lingering wish, hidden inside a person who has nothing left to give. Like the out breath, it extends beyond the body and mysteriously into another. The piece, which explores the loneliness and strength of solitary life, is an extention of a previous poem: 

I want a quiet life,

Gentle, like closing my eyes.

I want a quiet life,

Warm, like tree trunks

Five is a writer and visual artist from Nairobi, Kenya. After dropping out of film school in 2019, Five has been devoting her time to honing her craft. During this period, her work has been published by Fleas on the Dog, Jalada Africa and Pile Press. She has also released two digital zines, Out of Orbit and Whiteness/Darkness. 

Five can be found on instagram at @mysticouroboros