IT’S OK TO BE S[W]HITE, 2019 was an installation piece that used three films, each shot on an iPhone, to intervene into the landscape around Royal Holloway campus in Egham and Englefield Green through the removal of white supremacist posters from public surfaces. The work was initially presented on three phones placed together on a flat surface thereby inviting the reader to approach the film, the accompanying audio of the poem, and to witness the removal of white supremacist language through washing. This second iteration hopes to capture the small scale of the phone screen and simultaneity of the installation.


Cat a graduate of the Poetic Practice MA at Royal Holloway, a founder of the Crested Tit Collective, and a PhD student based in Singapore. Their work has recently been published in the Bad Betty Press’s Alter Egos (2019) anthology, and Stride online magazine. Their work has also been shown at The Small Press Book Fair with the Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre, and can be found in the National Poetry Library, the BookArtBookShop, and Senate House Library. Their interests include ecology, feminism, medical humanities, and disability theory.


Cat can be found on Instagram and Twitter @marbledmayhem