Two Films

by JP Seabright

'THIS IS NOT A POEM' is my response to being asked to record a video of me reading a poem. I'm not a fan of photos or videos of myself and generally dislike my voice, so I chose to write an "anti-poem" and present without a reading, and in a deliberately obscure way. The first three and half lines of this text are a verbatim record of a man speaking into his mobile phone as I passed him pushing my daughter in her pram outside the McDonalds in Leytonstone at 8.53am on Tuesday 9th March 2021. 'this is my voice' is my first experimentation with sound poetry. I recorded this simple phrase and messed about with it. I then decided it needed some visuals that for me conveyed how I feel about 'my voice' in various contexts. 


JP Seabright is a queer writer living in London. Their work can be found in Babel Tower Notice Board, Fugitives & Futurists, Untitled VoicesStreetcakeQueerlings, Beir Bua and elsewhere. They are Assistant Editor of Full House Lit Mag .


JP can be found online at or on twitter @errormessage