This work was created by Briony Hughes in collaboration with her rabbit, Honey. Mindfulless 1 is centred around establishing new methods for reading and interacting with tabloid newspapers. By doing so, Hughes hopes to refigure her relationship with the violence of newsprint. The structure of the videos borrow from aspects of EMDR cognitive therapy, placing poetic process in conjunction with psychological reprocessing.


Briony is a poet based between Devon and London, currently studying towards a PhD in poetics at Royal Holloway. She is interested in vibration and kinetic movement in language, the archive, and site-specific writing. Her first collection, ‘Dorothy’, is forthcoming with Broken Sleep Books in May 2020. Her work has recently been featured in Datableed 12, Stride Magazine, and Decorating Dissidence. Her work can be found in Senate House Library, the National Poetry Library and Foyle Special Collections, King's College London. Briony is a founding member of the Crested Tit Collective and curates the Crested Tit Collective pamphlet series.


Honey is a dwarf lop based in Briony and Laura's living room. She is currently interested in kale, hay, relaxing under the coffee table, and pulling bits of paper out of the printer. She has previously been featured in a range of work, including 'Batches' by Laura Hellon and performance work by Cat Chong. Her main poetic influence is Donna Haraway's Dog. 


Briony can be found on instagram @bristaceyhughes or at


Honey can be found on instagram @honeythedeafbunny