This filmic iteration of Plain Air: An Apology in Transit explores Alison Kafer’s conception of ‘crip time’ in relation to disability, ecology, and public transport. Defined in Feminist, Queer, Crip; ‘“crip time” means both “a flexible standard for punctuality” and “the extra time needed to arrive or accomplish something”’. This durational project investigates the phenomenological affect of crip time in relation to the precarity of relying on British Rail to travel independently within London - a city recently halted by climate protests. This work embodies Anne Boyer’s ‘patient and loyal ingathering’ of ecological damage through the lived experience of illness, recognising the uncomfortable medical complicity in environmental harm, and renegotiating the body simultaneously as toxic while practising acts of environmental care. The human body is foregrounded as fundamentally perishable within the ongoing act of sickness.

Cat is a transcultural twister child negotiating an embodied rejection of fixity and belonging, they’re a graduate of the Poetic Practice MA at Royal Holloway currently doing a PhD on global female authored illness narratives at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. They’re a proud queer crip and happy sacrificer of sleep for poetry, whose durational work flails wildly between conceptual and confessional tendencies. They have a forthcoming book chapter in The M-Word with Flint Books edited by Caroline Harris, an upcoming extract of their Masters manuscript in Ache Magazine’s Issue 3, and have recently been published Permeable Barrier – an online journal created by JD Howse. Their interests include ecology, feminism, gender, health, contemporary poetics, medical humanities, and disability studies.


Cat can be found on instagram @marbledmayhem