inflection points by Yvonne Litschel

inflection points

after Noriko's Dinner Table (2006)

unorange as tangerine cheeks it prequelled it ~ tearing red thread ; a void calls at train tracks the station drawn out as a circle panning a spiral nine hours ahead all of the coin lockers are full & there’s talk of placemaking infants inside when it’s a case of the thread as a column pointillism is existentialist teaching outlines undone spill over cross-legged intersections deracinate roaming in relation to -ing defined by its happening until it stops


Written in response to Noriko’s Dinner Table (紀子の食卓), inflection points draws on select imagery from the film, with a specific focus on Tokyo Ueno Station. The station is a particular point of transience in the narrative arc, and the author’s own experiences there are interwoven. A liminal space only until the moment it ceases to be one.

Yvonne Litschel is a writer and artist living in London. She has three solo publications, Moth Dust (Sampson Low), Immurement (Broken Sleep Books), and ræfs (Ghost City Press). Her work has also featured in two Sidekick Books anthologies, as well as been published in or is forthcoming in journals such as The Interpreter's House, PERVERSE, and The Projectionist's Playground. In 2019 she placed second in the Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize for poetry.

Yvonne can be found online at or on instagram @yvlitschel

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