Rhapsody in Me

by Amaury Wonderling

I see this project as a metamodernist attempt at responding to the selfie culture. I have tried to share with the viewers the emotional structure of the entity I feel I am at the moment in the most honest and naked way possible. Being strongly influenced by Heidegger and Sontag, I'm mostly interested in prelinguistic art, in the sense that I'm not trying to 'say' anything, I'm not trying to ‘transmit some meaning’ that needs to be uncovered from outside the artwork in order to ‘release its truth’. I’m trying to open up a world of sensations that the viewer can experience by exploring the artwork, which I see as some kind of uncharted landscape of Being.

Amaury Wonderling is a London-based poet and filmmaker. He holds a Master’s Degree in Physics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Screenwriting. He adds fig jam to his burgers and enjoys doing cartwheels when drunk. He has been published in the magazines Blithe Spirit and The Cannon's Mouth. His poems have been commended in the National Poetry Competition, the Grindstone Literary Prize and the Poetry for Good competition. He is currently working on his first poetry collection.

Amaury can be contacted via email at amaurywonderling@gmail.com