"Shower Scene 5: Shower Lettings" is part of a larger creative project in which I take the processes of inscription and de-scription that are built into what it means to have a shower and literalize the shower’s “script,” by which I mean the gestures, habitus, and normativizing forces that it helps to uphold. That’s a really condensed way of saying I have been re-writing a few key filmic shower scenes with the intention of bringing private and privacy-making actions into public or common space. The versions of shower scenes I’m writing are interested in bringing the material structures and realities that are naturalized by the shower into view. What that means practically is that I put the shower and its use directly into conversations about it itself by bringing some of the actors who are involved in writing the discourses of the shower (and, alongside it, discourses of public and/or private space, discourses of colonization, imperialism, racialization, and gendering) into spaces in which the shower is performed — the shower, the bathroom. The script's characters include theorists, characters from various films and tv shows, animals and insects that find their way in(to my flat), letting agents and others. The scenes are composed following a fairly loose mode of procedural generation and include quotations and bits of language from a variety of sources.  My studio apartment offers itself as a fitting stage for this kind of re-scripting. 

Ashley Barr is researching a creative-critical PhD at the University of Sussex on conceptual and process-based poetries. Before moving to Brighton, they lived in Boise, Idaho for a long time. They have new work up at Fruit Journal and a micro-chapbook called How To Access "Spreading Pleasure" forthcoming from Ghost City Press.  

Ashley can be found on twitter @Tru3stD3t3ctiv3


A full bibliography for this film can be found in the video description on youtube by clicking through on the media player.