Sometimes I Want To Cash My Car Into Oncoming Traffic (2020) is composed of found VHS footage by artist Terry Silvester. The title accentuates the self destruction and violence in the content which was recored by the artist's father in the mid 90s. The piece is an autobiographical look into the artist's family dynamics growing up in Britain. 


Terry Silvester is a moving image artist based in Bristol and London. Through his work he has a fascination with creating a discomfort; producing an uncertainty to the image and its motive leaving the viewer in a state of apprehension and unease. His work exists in this borderland between the real and the imaginary. Silvester has screened videos in galleries and film festival nationally and internationally, including London, Los Angeles and Barcelona. In 2018 he won Best Experimental Film at both UK Cine Fest and Fylde Film Festival.


Terry can be found online at or on instagram @terrysilvester