This Will Not Bring You Heaven (2018) is a film poem discussing the two lives of the same woman; firstly as Vanity, leader of Vanity 6 and protege of Prince, and secondly as Denise Matthews, born-again televangelist.


Chloë Proctor is a London-based poet. Chloë’s work has appeared in Azimuth, the Ecology of an Ear (ed. Patrick Farmer, Sonic Art Research Unit), Alterity (Centre for Alterity Studies) and the Contemporary Poetry Series: Nature & Language (Corbel Stone Press) as well as Bedford Square 10, an anthology of new writing from the Royal Holloway Creative Writing programme, where she is studying an MA in Poetic Practice. She has also created several self-published projects, most recently including Saprotrophic (a study on eco-auto-destructive art) and Tunnel (a hopeful wail into political echo chambers), as well as a web-based bot project s p o r e s.


Chloë can be found on instagram @chloproc and online at