Two Metres

by Rushika Wick

Using the new metric that somehow quantifies survival  -Two Metres- as a mantra, the speaker in turn appears to issue external and internal directives.These utterances take on new semantics depending on where in the continuous loop the listener starts/ ends. Connections between the COVID-19 Pandemic and ecological disruption might emerge. The video highlights transgression via proximity as being the new social stigma. Another impact on population mental health is implied by the demarcation of distance providing those with obsessive tendencies painful substrate. Like a pale balloon floating in the background, the State mismanagement of the Pandemic is brought into focus by the ridiculous simplification typified by the metric. 


Rushika Wick is a poet and doctor with an interest in social impacts on the body. Recent work can be found in Tentacular, Datableed and Ambit.


Rushika can be found on instagram @rushikawick