Watermelon Sugar

by Joseph Turrent

'Watermelon Sugar' stretches the fabric of the original Harry Styles track into a non-linear abstraction. By seeking out hidden shadows, it aims to transform a sunny sound into something more dimmed, introspective, and textured. Look at Harry Styles' eyes, as he is surrounded by models on a beach (cropped out). You can see the boredom, the desperation maybe. I want you to hear that hidden feeling.  

Joseph Turrent is a London-based poet. His book The Moth Apocalypse (HVTN Books) reprocesses the language of Twitter to imagine various cataclysmic scenarios as they might appear on social media. Recent work has appeared in Firmament magazine, and The Mouth of a Lion, an anthology of visual poems (Steel Incisors).


Joseph can be found on twitter @turrentula and instagram @themothapocalypse