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Watermusic is a video work originally created for The Crested Tit Collective's Rewilding Festival in 2020. The films build on an earlier collage work titled 'As I Listen to the Water', and explore two bodies of water [the Thames River and the groundwater under Chernobyl) as they relate to mechanical, linguistic, and cultural human presences around them.


JD Howse is from London and lives in London. He has a BA and MA from Royal Holloway, University of London, and works as a producer for a publishing company. His creative practice explores hauntology, memory, and epistemology through the lens of ecology, queer-theory, and neurodivergence. He curates and, with Sarah Dawson, he co-ran the LGBT+ experimental poetry night Theatre of Failure.

JD can be found online at or on instagram @jdhowse

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