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Submissions are currently OPEN.

PERMEABLEBARRIERFIVE will be our first themed issue and our first issue with guest editors. The new issue will, through a mixture of poetry, art, and academic essays seek to explore the related topics of Lurking and Online Hauntology

Online Hauntology refers to the concept of a digital presence or entity that lingers on the internet after the physical person or organisation associated with it has disappeared or ceased to exist. Lurkers on the other hand, typically browse online communities, social media platforms, or forums, silently observing the content and interactions of others without contributing their own thoughts, comments, or posts. Lurkers play a passive role in online communities, often remaining anonymous or invisible to other users.

Guest Editors poet Al Anderson and artist Josh Vyrtz invite artists, writers, and academics of all disciplines to submit their work in any digital media format, including but not limited to visual arts, photography, poetry, prose, sound works, essays, reviews/criticism, and experimental projects.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit your work to by Monday 31st July.

  • Include a brief 3rd person bio and an artist statement of aprx 2-3 sentences contextualising your submission, as well as links to any social media. 

  • Please submit visual work as high-resolution images (JPEG/PNG), textual work as  PDF or Word/Pages Document, and video/moving image work as a link to a private video on Youtube or Vimeo.

  • In the first instance, if you would like to write a review of a book, exhibition, or other piece of media, please contact the editors with a short proposal.

  • Submissions are open to artists and writers in any digital medium.


We are excited to see what work you'll produce for this open call, and look forward to bringing it together for the 5th issue of Permeable Barrier. 

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