Permeable Barrier welcomes submissions from anyone and everyone!

I am interested in innovative, experimental, avant garde, or otherwise interesting work.

If you feel like submitting, then submit! 

To submit a video, send a link [unlisted youtube or vimeo videos work well] to me via email or instagram along with a short methodology and bio [no more than a few sentences]. Please send text-based submissions as word, pages, or pdf files.

There is no prescriptive form or subject for submissions, but as a rough guide I'm interested in film poems, video art, moving image, critical essays, video essays, ARGs, slideshows, films about poems, poems about films, experimental film, sound art, live art, performance, recordings, net art, ephemera, tv, movies, the internet, video games, moving image, the screen, and all things innovative.

While I welcome all submissions, please note that racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism, transphobia, and prejudice of any kind will not be accepted or tolerated.


Permeable Barrier is curated by JD Howse, a poet, collagist, and film-maker from London. | instagram @jdhowse


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